Environmental Management

Environmental Management

SHPL conducts its business with the highest concern for the environment and for the safety and health of its employees, contractors, customers, neighbors and the general public. While developing the project, SHPL conducted the project's Environmental Impact Assessment ("EIA") according to national and international standards. The EIA of the project has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") of both AJ&K and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. SHPL has also prepared Environmental and Social Management Plan, Stakeholders Engagement Report and Resettlement Plan according to the stringent requirements of Asian Development Bank ("ADB") and International Finance Corporation ("IFC"). For proper management during the construction and operations of the Project, baseline studies were conducted for river flora and fauna. SHPL, with the active support and supervision of relevant EPA and local stakeholders, is fully committed to implement the plans in their true spirit during construction and operation phases of the project. The environmental footprint of the Project is very limited resulting in minimum impact on the local environment.

Since the Project is located on the boundary of AJ&K and KP, the land was also acquired on both sides. Total land acquired for the Project is 873 Kanal through Land Acquisition Act 1894. Very transparent method was adopted for the payment of compensation amount to the owners of the land/property.

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Plantation Drive 2019

As an integral part of our Environment Management Plan and an initiative towards green and sustainable environment, a plantation drive for the year 2019 has been carried out. This plantation will not only compensate the impact of construction works but will support the environment in future and help in the slope stabilization and soil erosion.

Carbon Reduction

The Project is eligible for tradable emission reduction credits. The Project shall provide zero-emissions renewable energy to the national grid and will contribute to sustainable development and improvement of local environmental conditions.

The Project is registered as with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Total Estimated Reductions (CO2e) for the first crediting period of 7 years is 1,885,039 tonnes of CO2e.

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