K-water was established in 1967 and is owned by the Government of the Republic of Korea. It is Korea’s leading hydropower and water related enterprise. Since its establishment, K-water has constructed and operated 26 hydropower projects, including 15 multipurpose dams. Three multipurpose dams are currently under construction. Due to high-level dam operation technology, K-water provides sufficient supply of industrial and drinking water, meeting the demands of the Korean economic growth. It also protects lives and property from natural disasters such as floods and droughts.

K-water has also been constructing and operating bulk water supply systems to provide clean water to the public. Moreover, K-water has been researching and developing the sea water desalination technology. K-water’s revenue in 2012 was USD 3.45 billion.

K-water is also expanding its portfolio of overseas water sector consultancy services, hydropower O&M and investment. Along with investment in Patrind Hydropower Project, K-water is also exploring other hydropower investment opportunities, particularly in Pakistan and Nepal.

Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co. Limited

Daewoo was founded in 1973 and is based in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Daewoo is a premier construction company which provides engineering and construction services related to the civil works, housing, dams, power projects, industrial plants, architecture, and liquefied natural gas facilities. It has also worked on a number of overseas projects.

Major power related and other project credentials include building more than 40 thermal power, combined-cycle power, and nuclear power plants. Also it is first Korean company to carry out the construction of a 150MW IPP on a turn-key basis located in Laos. Moreover Daewoo takes pride in building more than 130 domestic and international highway and bridge projects, including Lahore-Islamabad motorway in Pakistan.